Workshops specially designed to assist children to improve their understanding of food and nutrition.

The workshops covers curriculum for primary school, adapted to the key stage you require.

All equipment, ingredients and materials provided.

All preparation, washing -up and clearing up done.

No oven required.

Fun, interactive lessons and the opportunity for children to learn about : food hygiene, healthy eating, where food comes from, cooking and safe food preparation techniques.

Children will get the opportunity to try different food and make simple recipes to take home and cook.

A 10 week course will cover all of the curriculum and would include:

1- Food hygiene- Children will learn how to wash their hands correctly, what germs are, how to dress correctly before food preparation. Children will also begin to look at the importance of having 5 portions of fruit and vegetables per day.

2-Fruit- Children will look at why it is important to eat fruit, safe ways to prepare fruit ie bridge cutting, they will taste test different fruit and make their own fruit cocktail.

3- Vegetables- Children will look at different types of vegetables, where they come from and prepare vegetable safely to make a vegetable lasagne.

4- Breakfast- Children will look at the importance of eating breakfast, different breakfasts available, what children eat in other countries and will make a breakfast recipe.

5-Eating a balanced diet- This includes looking at fats, carbohydrates and proteins and making a healthy snack.

6-Looking at sugar , how much we should have, the amount different foods have , how to reduce sugar intake and making a healthy eating snack.

7-Looking at where different foods come from, different seasons and importing.

8- Looking and learning different food preparation techniques and using them to make healthy recipe.

9- Being a food detective- looking at what's in different foods, planning own healthy recipe.

10- Preparing own recipe.

(lesson should read lessons) The cost is a minimum of £100 per day for 2 x 75 minute lessons, or £140 for 3x 75 minute lesson within the same day, plus cost of any ingredients. ( lessons must be paid in advance). This a 10 week programme. However individual workshops can be provided for your individual requirements.